Advise for Anglo world wishing access in EN

Anyone from the  Anglo world, daunted by the thought, but wishing access to 'evader'  information at the Comète Kinship web site can read a version of it, in English,  by going through the following steps.
1). Access the  Comète Kinship web site at:
2).  Choose the airman of interest. Highlight, then  right click and copy  the name.
example: Arthur Edward FAY / R61629

3). Go to  Google search
4). Paste the name of the airman in  the 'Google'-box.
example: Arthur Edward FAY / R61629
5).  See Google results. Find the Comète Kinship link
6).  Choose:  Translate this page
Voila!  Happy reading and welcome  to Comète Kinship